Monday, June 12, 2023

A New Collection of Southern Italian Wines Lands in the US!! From Sardegna to Sicily, I Share My Favorites & What To Serve With Them To Create The Perfect Italian Meal

 By: The Food Hunter

The Sud Top Wine project, a wine competition dedicated to the best wines produced in Southern Italy, lands for the third time in the US, bringing a wide choice of new labels to taste and discover.
From Nero D'Avola to Primitivo di Manduria to lesser known wines from Gaglioppo and Carricante grapes, Sud Top Wine in the US is a tool for learning, discovering, and experiencing the different cultures that Southern Italy is made of. Sud Top Wine provides Italian wine lovers a chance to get more acquainted with liquid libations from Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata, Sardegna or Campania
Taking place in Sicily, Sud Top Wine is a wine competition spearheaded by the Italian wine magazine Cronache di Gusto's editorial team, which gathers a jury of fine wine experts from Europe and US, rewarding the wines according to categories such as geographical location and appellations. After the award, a curated selection of the winning wines travel to the US to be tasted and reviewed by the wine press. 

Below are a few I've tried and can recommend:
Case Alte, 16 Filari Nero d'Avola: A full-bodied dark ruby red with a fine tannins and nice length. Pair it with Porcini Parpadelle or Mushroom Risotto.
Calcagno, Etna Bianco Superiore: A fine and subtle wine that offers freshness and consistency. Pair with clams and spaghetti for a true southern Italian experience.

Statti, Batasarro (Gaglioppo),Typical of most Calabrian wines it offers a great texture with intense hues. An elegant red perfect for sipping alone or paired with a delicate pasta.
Tenuta Lagala', Massaron (Aglianico): Elegant on the palate with subtle hints of berries, chocolate and almonds. This is a well structured red with ripe tannins. You could serve this with Stanley Tucci's favorite pasta or my favorite White Beans with Feta and Eggs

Cantina Mesa, Opale (Vermentino): Intensely rich with an intriguing mix of spice. Pair with a hearty fish dish for a feast of the senses.
Torrevento, Vigna Pedale Castel del Monte (Nero di Troia, Riserva DOCG): An excellent wine to accompany everything from soups, your favorite cheese and fresh pasta sauces. Perfect with your favorite pizza

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