Thursday, July 21, 2011

Microplane’s New Twist & Grate Dual Sided Grater…Perfect For The Big Jobs

I’ll admit my initial reaction when I received Microplane's Twist & Grate Dual Sided Grater for review was not a good one. I couldn’t help but think to myself; “another grater, what do I need this for?”

If you’re anything like me in the kitchen you probably already have a box grater and a handheld grater/zester. So why add the Twist & Grate to this mix? Well for one thing it’s pretty much both graters in one; making it very versatile. It has two blades; fine and ultra course. Allowing you to do everything from zest fruit to quickly grate hard cheese (something I do a lot of). It also folds; making it easy to store.

Still not seeing the benefits of the Twist & Grate….

How about the ergonomic handle. That’s what really sold me. The Twist & Grate’s sturdy handle made it easy for me to grate large amounts of cheese and vegetables without the awkwardness I got from my other graters. It makes grating cups of Parmesan for recipes like my lasagna or meatballs bearable.

Although I’ll still be taking my handheld grater with me to the table; so I can quickly grate cheese over my pasta; I will be using the new Twist & Grate for all my big jobs.


  1. cool new toy! my microplane is always out - I use it for zesting, ginger, garlic, cheese... This looks like a really useful gadget.

  2. Great review! Thank you for sharing, my friend. I'm hungry and wishing I could have some of these cheesy eats for dinner. I need a new grater! Blessings and love from Austin!

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