Tuesday, November 21, 2023

8 Must-Have Pinot Noirs To Pair With Your Thanksgiving Meal

 By: The Food Hunter

If you find it difficult choosing wine for Thanksgiving - a meal with so many flavors and people around one table - you've come to the right place. What I've learned from hosting past holiday meals is that the best wine is the one that makes the most people happy. At our house this equals a nice elegant bottle of red - nothing to deep or to delicate. 
Taking it one step further I've tapped into a few expert wine makers for advice on the best red wines to pair with turkey day foods.  Below are their choices.  I hope you will give some a try.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
1. Sokol Blosser 2021 Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir ($45) - On the nose this wine shows notes of black cherry and raspberry. On the palate, the fruit remains the same and is joined by hints of black pepper and clove. This bright fruit forward wine pairs gracefully with the many Thanksgiving dishes on your table. It is delicate enough to not overpower green beans while the acidity will cut through rich dishes such as hearty mac-n-cheese.  A winner at our house.
2. Flaneur La Belle Promenade 2019 Pinot Noir  ($60) -This wine's food friendly acidity and gorgeous texture make it stand out on any table especially alongside a holiday ham, potatoes and stuffing.
3. Chehalem Mountains 2022 Pinot Noir ($30) - This Willamette Valley 100% Pinot Noir is bold and earthy with a hint of cherry fruit beneath the tannins that leaves an elegant lasting finish. I would uncork this with lasagna or a similar baked red sauce pasta dish. 
4. Stoller 2022 Family Estate Pinot Noir ($25) Recommended pairing with your best charcuterie board. Hints of cherry in the wine make it a good match for potato gratin.

5. Broadley Vineyards 2022 Estate Pinot Noir ($30) Another Willamette Valley winner with this per-release wine. You will enjoy hints of tea on the nose and the taste of chocolate and anise on the palate. This should be your go to with a thoughtfully prepared charcuterie plate. 
6. Kings Ridge 2022 Pinot Noir ($22) This wine has the sweet taste of Italian plums mixed with almonds and is a wonderful choice for late night snacking - think turkey sandwiches. 
7. Overlook 2021 Pinot Noir (SRP: $27) A splendid blend from some of California’s best cool climate growing regions in Monterey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma Counties. It’s a wine that pairs equally well with a roasted turkey as it does with a hearty lasagna. 
8. A to Z Oregon 2021 Pinot Noir($20) Garnet red in the glass this wine opens with hints of berries on the nose, and faint flavors of cherry and herbs can be found on the palate. This red is versatile enough to pair with a wide range of dishes, including all your Thanksgiving favorites such as turkey Brussels sprouts and cranberries.  


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