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Sicilian Wines To Drink While Watching Season 2 of The White Lotus

 By: The Food Hunter

Season 2 of HBO's hit show The White Lotus is proving to be just as clever and quirky as the first. In this season the satire unfolds at an exclusive resort on the picturesque island of Sicily; where once again it follows the insane adventures of guests and employees over the course of a week. Most of the episodes take place at the ornate San Domenico Palace hotel in Taormina; famous for its magnificent outdoor infinity pool. Sicily makes for a gorgeous backdrop, and The White Lotus does a wonderful job showcasing the Mediterranean’s largest island and the remarkable Mount Etna.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Season 2 shenanigans, you know that wine plays a leading role as some of the characters embark to the region's volcanic vineyards to sip Etna Bianco—a local style of white wine made predominantly from Carricante. The cast is also seen sharing glasses of wine at the infamous Planeta Sciaranuova Winery —located at the foot of the active volcano Mount Etna.

Sicily is truly the crossroads of Mediterranean viticulture, an island with centuries of wine-making deeply ingrained in its culture, a long list of native grape varieties and a wide range of  different landscapes. While you may not be visiting Sicily anytime soon, you can at least drink the wines of the island; most of which can be shipped right to your door from either or Roscioli Wine Club.

 Conca, Marabino 2019 Nero d'Avola 

The Marabino winery is located in Noto in the south east of Sicily in the ‘Buonivini’ and ‘Barone’ regions of the renowned DOC districts of ‘Eloro’ and ‘Noto’. Established in 2002 the winery overlooks 35 hectares of vineyards, its terracotta color dominating the surrounding landscape. The winery focuses mainly on the native vines of the region – Moscato di Noto and Nero d’Avola, together with a careful selection of Chardonnay clones. Marabino is now recognised as one of the top producers of fine wines from this area.

 Planeta, La Segreta Il Bianco, Sicilia DOC

Made from a blend of 50% Grecacico, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Viognier 10% Fiano the wine represents one of the most interesting interpretations of Siciliy, carved by one of the oldest wineries; Planeta, whose history as winemakers goes back to the 17th century. Citrus, ripe tropical fruit and an amazing sense of salinity in this wine make it a great introduction to Sicily and the gastronomic treasures that can be found on the island. A clear yellow colour with green hints which anticipate its freshness. Youthful citrus aromas and flowery notes, balanced by lively Mediterranean hints of peach, papaya and chamomile. Pair it with savory foods as well as your salads with bright acidity in the dressing. 

Carricante Terre Siciliane, ValCerasa 
Carricante is a full bodied white wine with power and acidity which pairs perfectly with chicken, duck, fish like swordfish, and a variety of vegetable pasta dishes.

DiGiovanna, "Vurria" Grillo 2020, Sicilia DOC
Siblings Gunther and Klaus Di Giovanna are among producers who are offering curious wine lovers the chance to enjoy their savory white made from Grillo variety. Produced in only 20,000 bottles per year, Di Giovanna “Grillo” Sicilia DOC 2021 is an organic wine which expresses on the nose aromas of citrus, herb and yellow flowers. On the palate it offers freshness and juiciness, with flavors of citrus, white stone fruits and a savory finish. At Di Giovanna they have embraced organic farming already many years ago as many of Sicilia DOC wineries. The appellation actively supports sustainable practices and has played a crucial role in allowing Sicily to become Italy’s first region as far as organic wine production.

A Culonna Etna Rosso, Scirto
Grapes for “A‘Culonna” grow in a vineyard at 600 meters above sea level, in contrada Feudo di Mezzo, where the soil is rich in pumice and also quite stony. This wine pairs well with grilled meats, eggplant parmigiano, and aged cheeses.

Mandrarossa Terre del Sommaco

Terre del Sommaco is part of the Storie ritrovate project conceived with the goal of producing wines from Sicilian native gapes, that represent the true essence of the territories they come from. Terre del Sommaco is made from 100% Nero d'Avola native grape variety grown in the Menfi area on limestone soils. The wine ages for 8 months in concrete tulipe and 19 months in large barrels, which allows for complex aromas where the fruit (cherry, blackberry and pansy) mix with spice and nut aromas. Perfect for stuffed turkey roast, grilled fillet.

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