Friday, November 21, 2014

Featured Mixologist Mat Snapp & The I.G.T. Cocktail

By: The Food Hunter

Mat Snapp is the mastermind behind many of the inventive cocktails found at Fox Restaurant Concepts. From the bold, creatively named cocktails at Culinary Dropout to the health-conscious, invigorating libations at True Food Kitchen, Snapp’s spin on cocktails is creating raving and loyal customers across the Valley of the Sun and beyond.

Snapp has an inherent ability to craft concoctions that mirror all the great aspects of each restaurant’s brand. When the urban, gastro-pub inspired concept, The Arrogant Butcher opened in Phoenix, Snapp designed a contemporary beverage menu intended to appeal to a more varied downtown crowd, capturing the York City, Chicago and San Francisco cocktail culture.

In addition, his commitment to using house-made syrups and infusions to get the desired flavor he’s looking for, led to the creation of a cocktail that mimicked all the distinct aspects of barbeque.

With a wide variety of diverse, original cocktails under his belt, Mat Snapp can be found behind the bar molding the next round of exclusive Fox cocktails.

What was his inspiration behind the I.G.T.?

Mat was introduced to Dimmi Liquore di Milano in 2010 as an “herbal background spirit” and included it in a quick and light cocktail that also featured Aperol and Peroni. It was very refreshing, but the Dimmi got lost in the midst. The idea hit him to learn about Dimmi by trying the Dimmi all on its own during a cocktail class he was teaching in Tuscson.

He went to the expo line and got a side of torn basil, stirred that in. Peeled two zests of lemon, stirred those in; hit the top with Peach bitters because Dimmi has peach and apricot blossoms in it. Then gently poured Mediterranean tonic over it. The Mediterranean tonic has less quinine, less face-smack to it – a subtle elegance even. The result is a light and refreshing Italian Gin and Tonic, which just so happens to have the same initials as the wine classification, Indicazione Geographica Tipica. Seemed like a match made in heaven to him.

The I.G.T.
2                      Lemon Zests
2 ounces         Dimmi Liquore di Milano
2 dashes         Peach Bitters
2 leaves          Basil
Combine first three ingredients in a hurricane glass. Add half ice and give it a quick stir. Add basil and rest of ice. Give it a quick stir. Top with chilled Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. 


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