Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Great American Veg Out

By: The Food Hunter

The Great American Veg Out was the creation of Chef Stephen Jones from Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails in Phoenix.

Seven Chefs & Seven Mixologists from around the valley came together this past weekend to share their love for food & drink and prove to guests that #vegetablesaresexy.

The seven course menu included food from:

Justin Beckett

Bernie Kantak

Josh Herbert

Cullen Campbell

Gio Osso

Greg Wiener

Stephen Jones

1. zucchini cakes, bacon onion jam and baby squash salad w/ saffron cous-cous; Chef Justin Beckett.  2. braised daikon w/ Tokyo negi & fried rice crisps; Chef Josh Herbert.  3. goat potato croquets with peperonata; Chef Gio Osso.  4. smoked squash link w/ local giardiniera & peach BBQ smear; Chef Stephen Jones.

Beverages from Mixologist Dustin Bolin of The Beverly, Micah Olson from Bar Crudo, Spotty also from Bar Crudo, Jason Asher from Young's Market, Lyndsi Hastings-Mundy from The Culinary Drop out and Steph Teslar from Blue Hound.

1. scotch, ancho reyes liquen, campari, lemon juice & simple syrup topped with prosecco; Jason. 2. cocchi rosa, lime juice, ginger syrup & shiso leaves; Spotty. 3. grilled peaches, sweet corn, cana brava rum. bold yogurt & pernod; Stephanie. 

This was a fun event and I'm hoping we will see more of these collaborations in the near future!

Me & Chef Stephen Jones

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