Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You may have noticed some changes around here lately...

There's a new look and feel to the blog these days that I hope you're enjoying.  I've added a page called "News" where you can stay current on all things food related.  I've included my twitter feed so you can keep up to date with my tweets. And I've taken on three new staff writers to be able to bring you more content and variety.

Let me introduce you:

Brandi O'Neil
---Raised in Arizona but with Midwest roots; she prefers cooking-in to a night out. Brandi is a late bloomer in the kitchen…but catching up fast.

Leah Bieszczad
---Born a Texan and proud of it Leah claims to rarely miss a meal.  She considers herself a bit of a foodie with a specialization in Southern Cuisine.

Lynn Stevens
--Registered dietitian and mother of three children, Lynn finds herself often in the kitchen (by choice AND necessity).  She enjoys food and the constant search for those foods that strike the perfect balance between taste, health, nature, and sustainability.

Davinia Perrin
--Born and raised in the Valley of the Sun, she was inspired by her beloved Grandmother, who prepared a delicious homemade supper every day.  She enjoys preparing healthy home cooked meals for her family, but isn’t afraid to splurge on just the right occasion.

 Look for their posts starting soon...

***Now how about we do a little giveaway; just because.  Leave a comment below, welcoming these three lovely ladies, and you will be automatically entered to win a gift pack of Louisiana Fish Fry straight from Baton Rouge.***

Want extra chances to win...follow me on facebook and/or twitter and leave another comment here letting me know you did.   Contest ends midnight Oct. 9, 2013


  1. Love love the idea of a new page! Genius! Welcome ladies, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here!

  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome....let's get down to talking food.

  3. I already follow you on Facebook

  4. ...and I follow you on Twitter.

  5. Welcome girls!! Can't to see what you guys are cooking!!!! :)

  6. WELCOME GIRLS, Brandi O'Neil, Leah Bieszczad and Jenny Leigh Rabun....

  7. Love this stuff