Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Chance No-Going-Back Weight Loss Plan: Week 6

By Jennifer Giralo

Week 5 was about awareness and recognizing triggers. I am doing well at recognizing the times when I feel I need to eat as a result of emotions; however, I am working to actually put that awareness into action.

Overall, I have seen major progress in my way of thinking and in my eating habits.

Week 6

Week 6 starts by reminding us that slim people do not use food to solve stress-related issues. Slim people have a positive mindset about themselves and the challenges in front of them. This mindset isn’t just about food; it’s about life. The power of positive thinking can change our actions for the better.

One victory I had this week was an epiphany when it comes to portion sizes. One night, I was very hungry; I hadn’t eaten since lunch time and I was sitting down for a late dinner. I made myself a dish of macaroni and cheese (a comfort food when my stomach isn’t feeling well). I thought to myself, I can eat this whole bowl. A whole box of macaroni and cheese is way too much of a serving size for my slim goal. So I took a third of the box and put it in a bowl to eat. After eating it, I was completely stuffed! I realized that I don’t need large servings; my body was just telling me that I was hungry in an urgent manner.

I like this Fat Chance workbook, because it keeps me accountable throughout the weeks going page by page.

One amazing lesson from Week 6 is choice. We have the choice to educate ourselves about what to buy at the grocery store. It is in our power to understand the nutrition breakdown on food labels and to buy food according to what is healthier. We can choose low-fat options and protein for every meal.

Let’s keep in mind the basic concepts of eating smaller portions, stopping when we are satisfied, and eating a variety of healthy foods. By reminding ourselves, it can be engrained in our thought process as a habit.

What are some substitutions or options you have chosen in your grocery purchases or eating habits? How have they empowered you as far as what you know about food?

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