Friday, October 31, 2008

Philadelphia & The Food I Miss

Having lived in Philadelphia for 32 years I can't help but miss the food now that I'm gone. So I try to go back there at least once a year to catch up with family and friends and to take care of my food cravings. Of course I miss all of the foods Philly is famous for; soft pretzels, cheese steaks, and scrapple; to name a few. But there's other foods I miss: The roast pork and provolone sandwich topped with roasted peppers and broccoli rabe at Bomb Bomb Bar & Grill;
the carrots marinated in balsamic and oregano from Ristorante Pesto
along with their eggplant Parmesan stuffed with spinach;
the mixed wild mushrooms with fontina and toasted breadcrumbs I get at L'Angolo Restaurant
and the cannoli's and cupcakes from Termini's bakery.
There's always new food worth trying:
The fennel soup with garlic croutons, a special the night we were at L'Angolo
the pumpkin gnocchi at Pesto
and the tapas at Bar Ferdinand
All of this and more is what keeps me coming back year after year.


  1. Sometimes it's a blessing you're not so close to all that deliciously tempting food! Believe me, I'm telling you the truth! ;)
    Everything looks to die for!!

  2. You are so funny!
    I love to go to Philly for weekends.
    We eat at the BEST tapas place in the Old City called AMADA. I love it better than any NYC tapas place!
    I have to tell you, every Spring we come out to Az. and we love the food, though not local, or ethnic, we do eat well when we are there.
    How about that Pizza Bianco?
    Is it worth the 4 hour wait?
    Not for me! I wouldn't wait that long for any food.
    Stacey from NJ!

  3. It was a mistake for me to read this at 9:30 a.m. I'm now craving most of that list. Philadelphia is a great food town and this is a good reminder that I should make a day trip there someday soon.

  4. Looks like I need to get to Philadelphia