Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Joseph Cake aka...Zeppoli

The feast of St. Joseph, which is March 19th, is usually celebrated with a Sicilian pastry called the Zeppoli or just St. Joseph cake. Zeppoli's are deep fried balls of dough hollowed out and filled with either vanilla custard or ricotta cream. My personal favorite is the ricotta cream which is the same filling in a cannoli.
Growing up in South Philadelphia we always got our St. Joseph cakes from Termini Brothers. Although they started selling them at the beginning of March it was tradition in our house to have them on St. Joseph's Day. That's not saying we didn't have them several other times during the month of March.
Since moving to Phoenix 6 years ago, (yes, it's been 6 years) I've missed the Zeppoli I grew up with. This year I was able to find a close second at New York West Bakery in Sun City. They make their ricotta Zeppoli without a top, which is a little different than what I'm use to. But let's be honest...I really only want the cheese filling anyway. New York West Bakery 10101 Grand Avenue Sun City, AZ 85351 (623) 583-7620

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  1. sounds delicious, I had a custard filled thing called a sfingi that was good, but I think I'd like it better with the ricotta filling. Next year...