Monday, March 10, 2008

So Many Recipes For Bolognese...So Little Time

My husband was channel surfing the other night, something he's very good at, and came across an episode of Food 911 where Tyler Florence was cooking Tagliatelle Bolognese. Intrigued by what he saw he asked me to track down the recipe on the Food Network's web page. That's one nice think about the Food Network; if you can remember even the smallest detail about the show you can usually track down the recipes online.
Bolognese is a meat based ragu typically made with several different meats and very little tomato product. Every chef seems to have their own recipe for bolognese; varying the type and amount of meat and tomatoes used. The only constant in these recipes seems to be the sofrito, which is a sauteed mixture of onion, celery, carrot and garlic.
This past week my cousin Marie was visiting us from NJ. So we gathered the family together for an Italian dinner at our house. My husband and I decided to give Tyler's Tagliatelle Bolognese recipe a try.
Tagliatelle are long flat pasta ribbons that are about 1/4 inch wide. Normally we would have made fresh tagliatelle but we were kind of pressed for time. Instead we found a nice dry tagliatelle alternative at our local AJ's.
I thought Tyler's bolognese recipe was really good and I liked the addition of red wine vs the white I've used in previous recipes. Two other bolognese recipes I've made and really liked are:
Mario Batali's, Parpadella Bolognese
Lidia Bastianich's, Sugo alla Bolognese
This is my contribution to the "Festa Italiana" celebration hosted by Maryann of Finding La Dolce Vita and Marie of Proud Italian Cook.


  1. Theresa, This is a great dish to bring to our Festa, thanks so much for joining us, this will be a perfect addition!

  2. Yes, very nice! Thanks for joining us! :)

  3. What a lovely photo of what is surely a delicious bolognese!

  4. I saw your dish at the Festa (was supposed to 'attend' myself, but gremlins kept me away)
    What a gorgeous dish... Bolognese is one of my favorite sauces- lived on it in college because I could make it on a relatively tight budget (even when adding some ricotta) and it would last over a few days... only things I never ever skimped on were good olive oil and the Locatelli Romano... Now, like you, I find myself the victim of Manifest Destiny- I am a New York native (multiple boro's) and now live out west in Southern California- where CPK and the Olive Garden are considered fine Italain cuisine. It is a daily struggle to find the necessary ingredients and I have learned to substitue when I absolutly have to and stock up when I actually do find some of the things I need. Planning to be a regular visitor and cant wait to look into your archives...

    Johnny T