Saturday, September 8, 2007

So I Eat a lot of Italian Food...

What's wrong with that? I'm Italian after all. People are always giving me a lot of crap about what I eat. "Why do you eat so much Italian food," they say. Well it's my culture and I love it so why not. I'm sure the majority of Mexicans eat Mexican food all the time...and why shouldn't they? Food is a huge part of one's identity. I think a lot of people are removed from their heritage and don't understand the passion that one can have for traditional food. I'm a third generation Italian and was brought up eating Italian food all the time. This is comfort food for me. I'm not saying that I don't like any other kind of food...if you know me you know there's not much I don't like. All I'm saying is that because of my heritage I'm more passionate about Italian food than any other.
I think that what people don't understand is that Italian food is so much more than what you see on the menu at such places like the Olive Garden. It is lighter, more healthy and can be quite elegant. Meals consist of lots of fresh vegetables and herbs, along with meats, fish and cheese. It's not just pasta smothered in sauce. The food is cooked with olive oil and not typically deep fried. Dinners are meant to be eaten in multiple courses containing very small portions. These are the things I enjoy about Italian food. So my response to everyone that asks why I eat so much Italian: because it's who I am and what I enjoy!


  1. Bravo (o brava--not sure if you're a man or woman)! Actually if more people stuck to traditional preparation of meals, no matter which culture they're from, we wouldn't have such a problem with obesity now.

    Good on you for standing up for who you are and what you like!

    P.S. I'm originally from central PA, lived in Philly for 5 years, and now live in my ancestor's village in southern Italy; I do a recipe every week on my blog, and most are either what I grew up or what I've learned here: bleeding espresso :)

  2. Interesting comments about heritage. My heritage is mixed British and Irish, but I eat like I come from southern Europe or the Middle East. I've always found Italian, Greek, Lebanese, etc. cuisine more flavorful and appealing than the food of the British Isles and northern Europe. Even when I go to Cornish Pasty Company, a British restaurant in Tempe, I order the eggplant parmigiana pasty, an delicious Italian-American-British amalgam.

  3. You go! I agree absolutely! The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest there is. I am also a third generation Italian and it is the food I grew up on! My finacee is from Rome - so we eat a lot of Italian (and other Med foods) too!

  4. oops! I got distracted! I meant to welcome you to The Foodie Blogroll as well!

  5. I'm not Italian - and I LOVE Italian. I would eat it every day if my fiance would let me. Whenever I suggest some sort of pasta dish he comments that we always eat pasta (not that Italian is all about pasta). Well, I like it and that's what I like to cook! Never be ashamed of what you love...