Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Stanley Tucci's Favorite Panini

 By: The Food Hunter


On an episode of the Desert Island Dishes podcast, host Margie Nomura asked Stanley Tucci what his favorite sandwich was, to which Tucci exuberantly replied, “I love all sandwiches!”  Tucci went on to share that one sandwich, in particular, holds his favorite spot, and that is his twist on the infamous grilled cheese.

It should come as no surprise that Tucci’s version of this American classic uses authentic Italian ingredients. I wouldn't have expected anything less from the Italian sex symbol. 

If you want to recreate his favorite sandwich at home Tucci suggests using mozzarella, dry-cured salted ham (aka prosciutto) and fresh basil or pesto (or both).

Stanley Tucci's Favorite Cheese Panini


3-4 pieces of thinly sliced prosciutto
3 slices fresh mozzarella cheese
fresh basil or pesto or both
2 slices artisan bread
butter or olive oil for bread

Decide if you want to use butter or oil. My preference is butter. Coat one side of your bread slices with pats of butter and place face down on a heated griddle or flat pan.

Top each piece of bread with prosciutto and mozzarella. Lastly, top with either piece of fresh basil or a drizzle of pesto or maybe both…it is up to you. Top the sandwich with the other slice of buttered bread and cook. After a few minutes, carefully flip and cook the other side.

Once the cheese has melted, remove the sandwich from the pan, slice it in half and serve.

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