Thursday, February 15, 2024

Stanley Tucci's Nonna's Steak Oreganata Is Totally Worth The Hype

By: The Food Hunter

Once again the actor and Italian home chef, Stanley Tucci, has taken to Instagram to share a delicious cooking video. This time he's making his Nonna's Steak Oreganata. This quick-cook preparation style is something you may already be familiar with if you grew up in an Italian American house-hold. For me it was Clams Oreganata that made its way to our kitchen table most often. However, similar to Tucci's Nonna, my maternal grandmother was known for her juicy steaks flavored with oregano.

What is needed to make Tucci's Steak Oreganata?


Tucci included his recipe on Instagram which I was able to tweak ever so slightly with what I learned from my grandmother.

For the steak Tucci recommended a top round. I had a sirloin in the freezer from my Butcher Box delivery and decided to use that. I pounded it thin and it worked out wonderfully. Although Tucci doesn't mention anything about the oregano he uses, I learned from my grandmother that on the branch Greek oregano has the best flavor. As for the butter I always use Kerrygold.


My Honest Thoughts on Tucci's Steak Oreganata

Although this recipe tastes like it took all day to make it actually comes together in under 30 minutes offering a true taste of the Mediterranean any day of the week. Tucci's recipe transported me back in time to my grandmother's Italian kitchen! I will be making this recipe on repeat.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. Don't you love when something transports you back to your nonna's cucina? BTW, I found Kerrygold has gotten too pricey. Try the New Zealand butter at Costco (green packaging). I love it.