Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Jon Favreau + Chef Roy Choi Bring the Infamous "Chef Truck" to Life!

By: The Food Hunter

Director and actor Jon Favreau and celebrity chef Roy Choi have finally brought the infamous food truck from the 2014 movie “Chef” to life!  "The Chef Truck" which pays homage to Favreau and Choi's long standing friendship is now a free-standing permanent restaurant at Park MGM, in Las Vegas. 

I recently had the opportunity to check out "The Chef Truck" for myself and I can attest that YES, there is an actual food truck parked adjacent to the hotel lobby of the Park MGM. In fact it is an exact replica of the truck from the movie. Even better is that it serves all the delicious food you remember from the movie - Cubanos, grilled cheese, chocolate lava cake, beignets and more.

During my visit I was also able to connect with Choi + Favreau to discuss. It was apparent that the bond between the chef and director extended beyond the movie. Both agreed it began when Choi persuaded Favreau to go to culinary school for his acting role in “Chef." 


Favreau said he was appreciative of that and that it helped him a lot. When I asked Favreau if he continues to cook today he told me that he uses the skills he learned as an opportunity to bond with his son. Favreau also said, that the duo had been wanting to try a food concept for a while and that he was grateful to finally get the chance at Park MGM.

The grab-go concept is open daily from 8-11 and offers limited seating options for those that want to enjoy a more leisurely meal on location.


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