Friday, June 5, 2015

Baton Rouge's Jay Ducote Appearing On Food Network Star

By: The Food Hunter

Cheers! to my friend Jay Ducote who will be appearing as a finalist on Season 11 of Food Network Star, this Sunday night at 8pm. For those that don’t know, Food Network Star is the competition reality series where The Food Network put the finalists through a series of cooking and charisma challenges in order to see who has the chops to have their own Food Network Show

Jay, who is a self-proclaimed food ambassador for Louisiana, is the creator of BiteandBooze, a food and drink blog highlighting all things related to Louisiana food and drink. He also has a radio show called Bite and Booze Radio Show where he talks primarily about the Baton Rouge food scene. About a year ago Jay bottled his own barbecue sauce, called Jay D’s Louisiana Barbecue Sauce and he recently released a vintage of wine in collaboration with Louisiana Landry Vineyards . He is an all-around genuine & authentic Louisiana guy!

Jay and I have been friends since 2011 when we worked along with several other bloggers on a cookbook promotion for Emeril Lagasse. We have since blogged together on various other campaigns through our Virtual Potluck group. I was fortunate to have met Jay in person during a food tour of his hometown of Baton Rouge. And have shared the stage with him as a judge for the Annual Fete Rouge competition.

I’m excited for Jay and want to raise a glass in his honor. I know what I will be watching on Sunday and I hope you will be too!


  1. Gotta love the shape of that bottle! Geaux Jay!

  2. Love the photo of Jay guzzling his sauce. I bet I know where we'll all be on Sunday night!

  3. I'll definitely be cheering him on tonight! I need to try that barbecue sauce.

  4. How fun to see a friend compete on TV! Good luck to Jay!