Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fuel The Marathon of Your Life {Give Away}

By:The Food Hunter

Photo by Josiah Mackenzie / CC BY

I'm by no means a marathon runner. Heck, I ran one 10K and decided that was enough for me. But I do workout almost daily and it does include some running here and there. When it comes to fueling the body, whether it is for a workout, run or just life itself the food you choose definitely has an impact on how you perform.

We’ve all had days where we’ve over indulged in calorie laden food and felt sick, lethargic, and downright lazy. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's anything other than the food you consumed making you feel this way. Choosing to eat better food is the first step to getting your body on track to run the marathon we call life.

I do my best to eat healthy on a regular basis, but it isn't always easy, particularly if I'm on the go. These are the times I turn to nuts, fruit or homemade granola to fuel my body. They are all portable and good for me snacks. But when I’m home I keep my fridge stocked with Greek yogurt.

Topped with berries, sprinkled with homemade granola or eaten plain right out of the container I love Greek yogurt. It makes a perfect snack or a great breakfast and keeps my body consistently fueled and feeling good for hours.

This year Stonyfield Greek Yogurt is the official yogurt sponsor of the Boston Marathon. They will be there handing out yogurt coupons to help runners and their friends and family fuel up after the race. They will also be giving away tons of healthy living prizes on the day of the marathon. Follow along on both Twitter and Instagram on race day using #StonyfieldSuperFan and you might just win! ****You can also enter below to win 1 of 5 FREE Stonyfield yogurt coupons.****

Remember it’s all about what you put into your body so be sure to make healthy choices as often as possible; your body will thank you for it!

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  1. I'm a fan of quality carbs (some also high in protein). Rice, whole grains such as barley, quinoa, soba & whole grain pasta, cornmeal, more!

  2. I fuel with healthy foods for sure & LOVE Stoneyfield!!!!!! I also already follow you on IG, FB & all! :)

  3. My go to pre-run meal is a bowl of oatmeal. I cook them on the stovetop and add bananas, dried cranberries, flaxseeds, walnuts, chia seeds, cooked quinoa and a heavy drizzle of honey. I like Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola after a long run...along with a tall glass of chocolate milk!

  4. I drink a lot of milk. Sometimes chocolate milk is on sale for a lower price than white, so we all drink a ton of chocolate in those periods.