Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Rosie’s Filipino Salad Dressing: Bursts Onto Phoenix Specialty Food Scene

By Brandi O'Neil

Little Rosie’s salad dressing recently burst onto the Phoenix specialty food store scene, and into my life as well, leaving this once ranch-only lover wanting more of it's addicting flavor.

Little Rosie’s is a locally owned and produced salad dressing, created by Phoenix resident, Pamela Loch. Using her mother’s Filipino recipes that she grew up with, Loch created an original & spicy version of this unique dressing. I recently had the opportunity to sample the spicy version and it was delicious!

The dressing has both Asian and Spanish influences, using soy sauce, cider vinegar, garlic and sesame oil to give it a unique flavor that leaves you craving more. Its not too spicy; with just a hint of red pepper flakes providing the heat.

I tried experimenting to see if Little Rosie’s could be more than just a salad dressing and succeeded! Mixed with a little mayo it made a delicious spread for a roasted veggie wrap. It was full of flavor and the creamy texture complimented the veggies perfectly.

I also marinated some chicken breast with Little Rosie's. Although, the flavor didn't  permeate the meat as I had hoped, it did leave a sweet flavored caramelization on the chicken, which was very nice. I paired the chicken with a few greens and topped it with a bit more of Little Rosie’s and had a great dinner to serve my hubby.

Little Rosie's is now available at AJ’s Fine Foods across the valley for $10.99 per 16-ounce bottle. It can also be ordered online at:  www.littlerosies.com.

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