Friday, August 2, 2013

It's National Sandwich Month

August is National Sandwich month so I thought I'd create a quick list of the 5 best sandwiches I ate in Phoenix this year.  

Here they are in no particular order:
The Italian

1. The Italian at Niccoli's Deli. In my opinion its the closest to an East coast Italian hoagie in Phoenix.

2. The Brown Bag Chicken at The Windsor. Pulled chicken, avocado, hazelnuts, roasted tomatoes....need I say more.

3. The Greek Egg Sandwich at Carly's Bistro. Scrambled eggs mixed with feta cheese, tomatoes and spinach. All my favorite things on a toasted ciabatta. 

The Soppressata
4. The Duck Club at Parlor Pizza.  Duck piled high with roasted tomato jam and bacon.

5. The Charred Soppressata at Bink's Midtown. Decadent with arugula, mascarpone and truffled honey.

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