Monday, July 1, 2013

The Hot Logic Macrowave...Your Microwave Alternative

Move over microwave there's a new way to heat up food and it's called the macrowave. The idea behind the Hot Logic 400 is that it slowly heats your food to 165 degrees and keeps it warm for hours without it getting dried out.

When I was approached to review the 4 shelf  Hot Logic 400 I immediately thought; this will be great for the office.  Multiple people would be able to heat up their food all at the same time. Fast-forward about a month; my co-workers and I having been using and loving the macrowave.

The feedback has been consistent...everyone has been happy with how their food turns out.
And they all agree it's super convenient that food can be in plastic containers, cardboard boxes, metal, glass and just about any material as long it's not something that will melt at a low temperature.

On the down side though; nothing cooks fast. The average time it takes to get something to temperature is about 90 mins.  So yes, some planning is involved...a little fore thinking on the user's part. Good things come to those that wait...isn't that how the saying goes?

All in all I think this is a great product for the office environment and I could even see it coming in handy during the holidays when I am trying to heat up multiple Thanksgiving side dishes all at the same time.

Hot Logic also has a Mini which is basically a lunch box sized insulated bag that has a hot plate on the bottom to heat up food and keep it warm.  Carry your lunch to work, plug it in when you arrive and by the time you're ready to eat it will be all warmed up for you.

Want to win Hot Logic Mini to try for yourself?   Leave a comment on this post...let me know what you think of the Macrowave or Mini.   How can you see it being used?   Contest ends midnight 7/10/2013

Don't want to wait....order your own Hot Logic Mini here and get $10 of by entering the promo code "Hunt" at checkout.


  1. It would be nice to have a warm lunch that has not been through the microwave! I might be nice to enjoy a lunch that you can smell warming up just as if you had cooked in the oven at home

  2. Traditional microwaves destroy food...What a great concept.

  3. The best thing about the Macrowave is reheating meat. Microwaves dry it out. The Macrowave kept it juicy and at a perfect temperature.

  4. I've used the macrowave to heat pre-cooked meat (chicken and steak) and definitely kept the moisture MUCH better than the microwave, especially white meat chicken.

  5. This oven is very different from what we're used to (conventional, toaster or microwave ovens).

    In our office, the multiple shelves are ideal, allowing several people to cook their meals ahead of time without fear of over cooking their food. This also applies to the temperature of the container it's cooked in being what I'd describe as "not too hot", even though the food is well cooked/heated.

    Another point of interest is how you can cook in ceramic dishes, metal or even on paper plates!

    Last, even though the food is cooking, there is no wafting smell of food throughout the office.

    I have no idea how this is all technically acheived, but it's perfect for an office environment!

  6. I bring a frozen meal to lunch every day. I would love to win the mini. Sonja Mindiola

  7. Kathy Coloma you won the Hot Logic Mini! Congratulations!

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