Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Koryo Korean BBQ

My first experience with Korean BBQ was many years ago. It involved a Vietnamese couple and several bottles of Cognac at an undisclosed location in North Philadelphia.  I don't remember much of that night, except the table top grill and the pickled sides. It must've been the Cognac for I can't even tell you the type of meat that was grilled.  I do remember leaving there thinking I'd like to try this again sometime but never really had a reason to go back; until last week.

When I got the invitation to attend a media event at Koryo I was thrilled; finally a chance to check out Korean food again. Koryo, which has only been opened since February, is owned by Billie Cho and is located in a nondescript strip mall at 43rd and Peoria.  Don't let the lack luster exterior fool you into thinking the food is anything but top notch. 


Instead of Cognac we said Gumbae (cheers) with shots of Soju, a distilled vodka like rice liquor with an extremely high alcohol content. In between shots we ate massive amounts of food; all of which were delicious.   Below are some highlights of the food we ate.

The unlimited sides

The meat being grilled


I'm glad I had this opportunity to try Korean BBQ again and I am already planning my next visit.

Koryo Korean BBQ
10040 N. 43rd Ave Ste 1K
Glendale, Az 85302
Phone: (623) 234-8530

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