Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fat Chance No-Going-Back Weight Loss Plan: Week 9

By:Jennifer Giralo

The start of this week dealt with one of my biggest issues. I have a lot of issues, but in regards to food, I need to get a hold of my super-power ability to make excuses. I can make an excuse out of anything for any situation.

The book really focuses on reframing those justifications or excuses. We only perceive that we need food. We can change the way we think about a situation and negotiate those thoughts within ourselves. For example, the book mentions my favorite excuse.

I’ve had a hard day, I deserve this.

The book suggests reframing it to think more along the lines of delayed gratification. Instead of thinking you deserve food, think of yourself as deserving of a healthy and slim body. It will help you overcome the default thinking of using food as your reward.

Another theme for this week was actually one of my justifications I use on a daily basis, social occasions. I always eat whatever out at restaurants whenever hanging out with friends. The books says to eat a light snack beforehand and to be prepared to say a polite no if you are not hungry.

What is your most frequently used justification for eating poorly and how can we reframe it?

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