Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fat Chance No-Going-Back Weight Loss Plan: Week 7

By: Jennifer Giralo

Week 6 was tricky, as we had a recent holiday involving lots of family cooking. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. I was able to make choices on my meal, both in portion-size and ingredients. We chose to eat lean hamburgers with baked potato slices and grilled asparagus. It was quite a colorful and nutritious plate, and it kept me satisfied and full for hours. The baked potato slices were different and resulted in a tasty snack. I first saw the idea on Pinterest. It was fun to try a new recipe with my family. The idea to slice a potato and baking it instead of frying the potato is also a creative twist on the classic hamburger and French fries. What other creative twists can we make in our normal meals?

Week 7 focuses on eating meals that keep you satisfied longer throughout the day. I want to focus on eating more complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, protein, and oats.

The book mentions respecting your body, because it works hard every day. Respect your body by eating right and exercising. Respect it by giving it the rest, hygiene, and nutrition it needs.

What are some ways we can come to appreciate and respect our bodies more? Both mentally and physically? Where can we reduce unnecessary stress in our lives, putting our bodies to extra mental and emotional strain?

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