Monday, March 18, 2013

Fat Chance No-Going-Back Weight Loss Plan: Week 4

By: Jennifer Giralo

My reflection for week went smoothly! I have lost a pound from my original weight loss. Week 3 was all about changing perceptions of how we see food and how we see exercise. Our goal is to handle our emotions and stresses with substitute activities, instead of eating food when we are stressed. One substitute suggested in the book is exercise and making that exercise enjoyable so that we continue to pursue it as an alternative to food.

Some quick observations on changing perceptions:
·         Perceptions on situations, people, and things are negotiable and can be re-understood in our     mind.
·         Perceptions are not set in stone; they are not fact until we refuse to accept any alternative thinking.
·         Perceptions on ourselves, food, and exercise influence our worldview and our actions.

Week 4

While keeping the previously-learned principles in mind, we want to now use food as an ally to fight overeating. By consuming foods that satisfy you quicker, keep you full longer, and reduce your overall hunger, we can better achieve our slim calorie goals. This includes foods full of nutrients and avoiding empty calories. Some advice from the book includes:

·         Eating a healthy breakfast
o   I’ve been working on this habit lately. My partner and I enjoyed a breakfast sandwich comprised of egg-whites, spinach, and cheese on whole grain bread. 
o   I’ve occasionally had a Lean One protein shake for breakfast. It has lots of great vitamins, so it helps to jumpstart the metabolism. 

Plan smaller meals throughout the day
·         Design a colorful plate with fruits and vegetables
o   This week I made Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup. I used the recipe on the Whole Foods website. The soup is full of nutrients; it satisfies quickly and keeps you full longer.
·         Drinking more water
·         Consuming protein with every meal
·         Fiber is your friend

Week 4, Day 6 provides an amazing list of suggested pantry items. I know this is helpful for me, because I appreciate the guidance to get me started on what to buy at a grocery store. The list goes into detail on suggested items to buy for your pantry, freezer, the refrigerator, and what to buy for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Keeping up with this workbook daily is important in creating a lifestyle. By reminding yourself of some healthy changes you can make on a meal-by-meal basis and cataloging any emotional triggers in a journal and workbook, we can be better equipped to be successful in the change!


  1. you can do this! I believe in you and like you said- its the small healthy changes that make the difference in the end

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