Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fat Chance No-Going-Back Weight Loss Plan: Week Two

By Jennifer Giralo

Each week calls for a reflection. How did everyone do last week? What were the challenges? What were the accomplishments?

Some quick observations upon the reflection at the end of Week 1:
·          I experienced increased levels of activity and energy.
·          I have lowered my caloric intake to a healthy amount.
·         I have been aware of my bodies nutrition needs and cravings.
·          I have eaten when I am hungry and have stopped eating when I am satisfied.
·         As a result, I have lost 4 pounds since beginning this plan one week ago.

To remind myself of each lesson, I write a summary of each page of the workbook posted where I walk frequently. Mine is posted on my fridge, and I remind myself of my daily goals by reading them again when I walk by them. 

This plan has helped me to regain a lot of control over food. In the past, I was eating uncontrollably as I could not control the events in my life. However, with a new found power and choice in my eating habits, I feel as if I have the will-power to choose healthier alternatives.

My life partner, Will, has even joined in my adventure. He has noticed a significant weight loss the first week as well, with a total of 7 pounds gone!

Week 2

Week 2 is centered on control and awareness. The book recommends observing a slim person’s eating habits, taking note of when they eat and the portions they eat. Is it a balanced diet? Do they stop when they are satisfied?

A large theme of this book is tackling the unproductive habits developed from over-eating. By becoming more aware of your emotional triggers and eating habits, we can better understand when we are hungry and when we are satisfied.

One of my favorite meals that Will and I made together last week was Orange-seared Tofu with Jasmine Rice. We improvised our own recipe for this dish, but we absolutely loved it. It is high in protein and high in flavor! This dish is also very satisfying and filling. 

 Orange-seared Tofu with Jasmine Rice
1 Package Extra Firm Tofu
1 Cup Baby Corn
1 Cup Water Chestnuts
2 Tablespoons Orange (Can be exchanged with Soy Sauce or Sesame Sauce)

In a larger stir-fry pan, sear the tofu until light brown on both sides. Then add the baby corn and water chestnuts. When the vegetables are heated, add the sauce to the mix and cook until the dish is well-mixed.

The book suggests only eating when you are hungry; however, it later mentions that if you do not receive nutrients, your body will start to store your food (Week 1, Day 5). Your body goes into a “Survival Mode” in order to live off of the calories it has been given. I believe snacking on a nutritious food is helpful to lessen your hunger. Snacking on a granola bar, an apple, or some dried-up cranberries can help to ease your hunger so that: A. You are not likely to overeat during your next meal. B. Your body does not store every single piece of the next meal you eat. What is your opinion on snacking?

Another struggle I find in this weight loss plan is finding alternatives. Although the book references websites in the back of the book, I feel that more recipes or ideas within the text would be useful while working through the book. However, the benefit to this is that the plan allows you the freedom to make your own choices and to think like a slim person on your own, instead of restricting you to a specific meal plan. What are some alternatives you choose to eat in place of a meal with higher calories? Or what are some substitutions you use for those who cannot eat gluten or lactose?

I look forward to my next reflection day, and I hope you join me for next week’s Fat Chance blog!


  1. I won a copy of this book in a giveaway, but haven't received it yet. Look forward to reading it. I like the tofu idea - hope to try soon!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I have been monitoring my emotional needs of food myself. I realize I eat out of boardem. I need to stop that. Plus I found if I eat more filling meals, I'm not so hungry that I want to munch on food all day!! I can't wait to see how you do next week!

  3. Thanks, Team! You guys are so supportive!

    Shelby-I hope you enjoy the workbook when you receive it!

    Peanut Butter and Peppers-Thanks for your encouragement. I am finding that if I eat more nutritious meals, I am satisfied longer during the day, just like you said!