Monday, October 22, 2012

The Party's Over...The Serious Sandwich Party That Is

The Serious Sandwich party is about to come to an end. This will be my last post as an Emeril Serious Sandwich blogger.  I'll admit...I'm a little sad. It's been such a deliciously fun event. I connected with a lot of new people and have a whole new outlook on sandwiches.   Thanks to Emeril and the wonderful people at the Secret Ingredient Blog  and Morrow Publishing for giving me this opportunity.

I know I will continue to cook from this book and of course I'll share it all with you....but I do urge you to buy your own copy; you won't be disappointed.   There are enough recipes in here to make the purchase well worth it.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this event as much as I have and hopefully you will continue to follow all of the Serious Sandwich Bloggers. I'd like to leave you with one last reason to buy Kicked Up Sandwiches:

The Artichoke, Salami and Fontina Panini. 


  1. yummmm. this looks delish! :) Love a good panini!

  2. artichoke and salami- that sounds great together