Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wusthof Classic 5-pc Studio Set Review...And My Mother's Unusual Knife Habits

I’ve always been slightly intimidated by large knives. I’m sure this stems from my childhood and the fact that my mother only used one knife to do everything. What am I saying she still uses that same knife.

At mom’s house no matter what you’re trying to cut, a small steak knife is all that’s available. It’s her bread knife, chef’s knife and paring knife all wrapped into one. Over the years I’ve tried getting her to use other knives. I even bought her a nice block set once. But she just won't use anything but her one steak knife. Hey, she's happy with it…and who am I to judge.

When I bought my first knife set I picked something small; which unfortunately also meant; not so sharp. I knew the quality just wasn’t there with my small set but I was content using them because of their size. Until last year when I took a knife class for fun, with a friend, and I was instantly hooked. I wanted good knives. I tooled around with different options hoping to find something that fit my requirements of being small and still powerful.

So when I was asked to review the Wusthof classic 5-pc Studio set I was psyched. Described as just the essentials in a compact wooden block…I knew this was going to be the knife set for me. The set includes a 3 ½ inch paring knife, perfect for peeling fruits and veggies. A slightly larger but same shaped 4 ½ inch utility knife. Which surprisingly works great when cutting tomatoes. Yes, it’s that sharp. The 6 inch chef’s knife is great for chopping and dicing. Also, included are pull apart kitchen shears for cleaning meats and snipping herbs.

Although, I know that Wusthof’s intention with this set is it be used for small kitchens. I also think it’s a great set for beginner’s or for people like me that are just slightly unsure of themselves when it comes to having a large knife in their hands. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will convert my mother but hey you can’t win them all. Whatever your reasons I would recommend giving the Wusthof Studio set a try.


  1. It sounds like the perfect set to me - all that is missing is a bread knife! I have two wusthof knives - a chef's and a paring - and they keep me sane in the kitchen!

  2. I only use Wusthof knives, and as long as they are kept sharp, I don't cut myself :)