Friday, January 22, 2010

Tim Tam Review & Giveaway

I have a great group of friends at work that I rely on a lot. They’ve been there for me through all of my food adventures; good and bad. They trust in me and are available whenever I need taste testers…no matter what the product might be. So when I found myself having to review Tim Tam cookies for the 2nd time I knew I could count on this group to help me out. (you can read my first review here)

I explained to them the requirements. It wasn’t going to be easy but they were up for the challenge. Some were going to have to break their diets; some would be required to eat chocolate and others caramel; and I needed all of them to tell me their inner most thoughts. I knew I was asking a lot but that’s what friends are for right?

The cookies were passed out and the tasting began almost immediately. Initially there was some bickering over who liked which flavor better (chocolate vs caramel). I even witnessed a small scuffle when a Tim Tam was grabbed from the hands of one friend and eaten by another. Helping to preserve your diet was the “grabbers” excuse.

In the end everyone agreed that both flavors of Tim Tam’s were delicious; though most favored the chocolate over the caramel. Words such as crunchy and crisp were used to describe the cookie; creamy and not too tough the filling. They tasted so good in fact one taster offered to run out and get more.

As you can see I am lucky to have such a great group of friends; willing to sacrifice everything for me. In honor of them I’m going to give away a package of Tim Tam’s to one lucky blog reader. Just leave a comment by midnight Wednesday, January 27th, telling me who you turn to in these sticky situations…cause let’s face it we’ve all been there. I will randomly pick one winner.  Follow me on twitter  for an extra chance to win.

A Message From Our Sponsor:
Tim Tam cookies have been a favorite in Australia for decades, and last year, Pepperidge Farm brought them to the US for the first time ever. Pepperidge Farm also introduced a new flavor, Classic Dark, that is totally amazing and only available at Target stores. Best of all, Tim Tam cookies will be back every year from October to March!


  1. I love Tim Tams! But I can't get them here.
    For a long time I had a Tim Tam advert on my fridge: Who needs a man when you can have a Tim Tam!

  2. Another seasonal cookie like Mallomars - very interesting! I've never had one. I'll have to look out for these. I also have some great co-workers but I generally count on my daughters and their friends to do taste testing for me :)

  3. Wow I don't think I have ever heard of Tim Tams but they sound delicious! I just googled them though and they look fantastic!

    I count on my roommate in times of need. And my brother. He is my rock.

  4. I count on my friends and my hubby. They are my rock and my support! My kids do a great job of supporting me too! Tim Tams sound great also.

  5. I love Tim Tams! I studied in Oz and Tim Tams were a favourite over there. They have them here in Malaysia too so it's kind of exciting to know that they are just hitting your shores!!

  6. This is the first time I have heard of Tim Tams. I can tell you that I think that caramel would be my favorite.
    As for who I turn too...I have a couple of really good girlfriends that are my daily support system. They make me laugh everyday.

  7. hey..thanks for stopping by at my blog !!!!never heard of the tim tam cookies !!!For anything and everything..its the family first for me !!!

  8. My motto is "there's nothing wrong with me that a little chocolate won't fix!"


    P.S. Love the Tim Tams!

  9. I have never had a tim tam. How sad is that!

  10. Thank you so much fro stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! I am also from the Philly area, I just read your profile, and miss hoagies very much. Mmmmmmmmm.....cheese steaks!

    I have never had a Tim Tam cookie. Sounds great though!

  11. I've never had a Tim Tam but they sound amaaazing. num num