Saturday, January 2, 2010

Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon

In between courses on Christmas day we decided to watch Julie and Julia.  Being a food blogger, I have to admit that I found this movie somewhat inspirational.  And except for a few slow moments in the middle I thought it was done well.

I've never really been a follower of Julia Child but I actually do have one of her cookbooks.  Awhile back I had come across "The Way To Cook" at a used bookstore for $10.00 and figured why not.  I've glanced through it over the years but nothing ever jumped out at me.  I definitely don't get the same feelings going through her book as I do going through let's say a Mario Batali book. But I've kept it in my collection anyway.

As I mention above Julie and Julia really inspired me. I wanted to cook a Julie Child recipe bad. So I dusted off my cookbook; started browsing and there on page 237 I found the recipe for beef bourguignon; the main dish in the movie.  And although, our family tradition is pork on New Years; as it's believed to bring good luck I decided to tempt fate and make beef bourguignon.

Three pounds of top round is simmered in a bottle of red wine with bits of bacon and chopped vegetables for about 3 hours.  Combine this with browned braised white onions and mushrooms sauteed in butter; how could it not taste delicious.

The aroma throughout the house had us salivating by dinner time.  Served with garlic roasted potatoes glazed carrots and popovers this was a meal that I will remember forever.

Thanks Julia.


  1. I still have not seen that movie but I desperately want to! I think I need to head over to blockbuster...

    Julia Child is definitely good for her comfort food. She doesn't inspire me the way that Batali does either, but she's got some classics up her sleeve. The meal looks and sounds great!

  2. I planned on seeing the movie as soon as it came out and somehow I still haven't seen it! Your beef bourguignon looks delicious. The sides sound fabulous as well.

  3. Once you've mastered this you can do anything!

  4. I haven't seen Julie & Julia (I read the book a few years ago), but I have heard that this is "the dish" of the movie. Looks fantastic!

  5. I had no interest in seeing the movie; however I did own that same book that I bought in the early eighties when I first moved to the US and made almost every recipe in it and the first recipe I made was the boeuf bourguignon; I recently read Julia Child biography and it was touching;it talked about her years in Paris with Paul Child.