Food Hunter's Guide to Cuisine: July 4th BBQ-Recap

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th BBQ-Recap

My husband and I wanted to do something just a little different this year with our 4th of July BBQ. Instead of having grilled burgers topped with the traditional lettuce tomato and ketchup on the standard burger bun; we made muffaletta burgers.

Topped with some provolone cheese and an olive salad; and spread with lemon garlic aioli on ciabatta rolls these burgers were a huge hit. I’ll admit I was a little nervous at first serving them to our guests. I just wasn’t sure how people were going to react. I even went as far as putting out the traditional toppings just in case. I’m happy to report that everyone decided to give the muffaletta burgers a try and they also seemed happy with them.

On the side we tried a new recipe: Julia Child’s American Style Potato Salad. Creamy with just the right amount of chopped egg, dill pickle and crispy bacon; this one is a keeper. To round out our meal John grilled some corn on the cob and I whipped up some garlic basil butter as a spread.

Definitely not traditional....but utterly delicious.


  1. these look wonderful good for you trying something new

  2. This is a great spin on regular burger toppings. Sounds great!

  3. The burger bun looks good. Are they baked with sourdough?

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  4. I love them! These sound so much better than regular burgers!

  5. These look way better than any traditional burger. You definitely can't go wrong with muffalettas.

  6. The aioli sounds soo good.

  7. Sounds like a great meal! I especially love the look of that burger.