Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portland Dining Highlights

I traveled to Portland, Oregon two weeks ago for a work related conference. Although I didn't get to see much of the city or the surrounding area I did get to eat some really good food. (Hey, a girl's got to eat). Here are the highlights: Tony Luke Roast Pork Sandwich at Nostrana
"Playing with Fire Nightly" is the slogan for this rustic, almost cabin like, restaurant where everything is cooked in a wood fire oven. The pork sandwich was served "Italian style" complete with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers and sharp provolone on a grilled ciabatta. The interesting part for me was knowing that the recipe for the meat was from Tony Luke's, a famous sandwich shop in Philadelphia. Almond Brioche and Lemon Blueberry Muffin at Di Prima Dolci

Di Prima Dolci is a neighborhood bakery with a homey feel to it. Customers all seemed to be regulars and knew each other by name. They come for the breads, sandwiches and even the pizza. I, on the other hand, was there for the Italian pastries. The lemon blueberry muffin, made with ricotta cheese, was moist and flavorful. The almond brioche was equally tasty and truly my favorite of the two.
Sausage Pizza at Ken's Artisan's Pizza
Thin crusted and crispy the pizza at Ken's was delicious. Was it really worth the hour or so wait? Probably not. Cheese and Salami Plate at Foster and Dobbs
What's so special about cheese and salami. First, it was salami from Salumi (try saying that a few times) in Seattle. I had been to Salumi a few years back and absolutely loved all of Armando's handmade salami. Secondly, the selection of cheese, especially Italian, was immense. Lastly, you were able to sample all of the cheese, meats and olives before putting together your plate. Thus guaranteeing the perfect combination.
Wild Boar Gnocchi and Tempura Battered Asparagus at Pazzo

Probably my favorite meal of the whole trip was at Pazzo. Located inside the Vintage Plaza Hotel, Pazzo served up some excellent quality food. The tempura battered asparagus was accompanied by a Chianti aioli dipping sauce, an odd but delicious combination. The gnocchi were soft and pillowy, just like you would expect, accented perfectly with wild boar and topped with thinly sliced Pecorino cheese.
Although, I didn't get to see many tourist attractions, I can definitely recommend Portland for it's great food.

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  1. I, too, was recently in StumpTown. While I was wholly unable to truly 'complain' about the food, I also did not find anything spectacular. Based on things I have heard in read, I hope I just didnt look in the right places. I did find (no surprise here) a decent pizza. Old Town Pizza on NW Davis St, just off 3rd made a killer Pesto special... good flavor to the pesto without being overkill. Cold beer too- which I am always pleased to find. Nice setup- older building with some character.
    Had a nice breakfast at the Bijou Cafe... a very 'homemade' feel to it- fresh lamb sausages and all- with good bread acompanying my eggs and potatoes so nicely done, I felt too guilty to ask for ketchup. Certain things kind of irked me though... like on a SUnday morning, couldn't find a decent place open for a Bagel- saw the stores onprevious days and was saving it for my Sunday breakfast, but came up empty... on top of that, too many businesses not even open till after 10am on the weekend... All in all, i would go back for a visit, but... well we already know that there is only one City I have aburning desire to call home, and she's on the other coast...

    Take care and thanks for some nice eye candy...

    Johnny T