Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Sponge Cookies

This sponge cookie recipe has been passed down to me from my grandmother. Never did a Christmas go by without her making these cookies. Decorating them was always a fun family event. As my grandmother would pull them out of the oven there were always a few of us standing by ready to spread the icing and pour on the sprinkles. This past Sunday I made a batch of sponge cookies; and even though my grandmother is no longer with us I felt close to her that day as I baked and decorated her special treats. Of course I hope she couldn't hear what I was saying as I spilled hot icing all over the stove and dropped the container of red sprinkles on the floor. These are definitely easier to make with help. I'm submitting this recipe to the Eat Christmas Cookies event hosted by Foodblogga. Sponge Cookies 1 cup Crisco 1 cup sugar 8 eggs 1 Tbs vanilla 4 cups flour 5 tsp baking powder 2 egg whites 1 lb powdered sugar 4 Tbs melted butter 1. Cream Crisco and gradually add sugar until combined. 2. Add 1 egg at a time and the vanilla. 3. Blend in 2 cups of flour and baking powder (beat well). 4. Add last two cups of flour beating until mixture is stiff. 5. Drop by heaping teaspoon on greased cookie sheet. 6. Bake 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. 7. Glaze cookie with icing when warm not hot. Icing Directions 1. Melt butter over low gas. 2. Add eggs and beat over gas. 3. mix in powdered sugar over heat until combined.


  1. It's heartwarming to hear about your grandmother. Thank you for sharing a lovely memory and cookie recipe.

  2. I love the story and the cookies look great. Thanks for sharing!