Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pasta Caprese

Thinking of things to make for dinner can sometimes be such a chore. Of course there's always our favorites like chicken Parmesan or pasta but sometimes we're just looking for something new. Usually by midweek I am pulling at straws trying to figure out what to make. This past week wasn't any different. By Wednesday I had completely run out of dinner ideas. Then I came across the "Leftover Tuesdays" challenge being hosted by Project Foodie and was inspired. I knew if I looked in my pantry or fridge I was sure to find something I could throw together. That's how I came up with Pasta Caprese. A few weeks ago I had purchased some flavored pasta from Decio Pasta. I found some of the spinach and tomato pasta still in the pantry. I decided to mix those together and toss with some chopped fresh tomatoes that I sauteed slightly to release some juices. I added basil and some mozzarella I had leftover from the last time we made chicken Parmesan. I allowed all the flavors to mix and the cheese to melt and then topped with a drizzle of olive oil. Dinner was ready.


  1. What a great result from a quick raid of the pantry!

  2. Hey pasta caprese sounds lovely, yum. :)